If they have fur, there is likely something we can figure out. Send me a message at aaron@memoryyarns.com and we can talk about the specifics of your pet.

Ideally, we’re looking for fur that has come off through brushing rather than cutting. When the hair has been brushed out, simply collect it in a plastic bag.

You will be given an ETA when I receive the fur for your order based on how large the project is and how many are ahead of it in line. Most orders will take 7-10 days when they have reached the front of the line.

Of course! Just select Misc. when requesting a quote and indicate in the message that you are looking for yarn only.

Products made from handspun yarn are naturally a little more delicate than those made from commercial yarn, and the washing machine will not be good for them. Hand wash gently in water that is warm but not hot.

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