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Whether it’s a a hat, a scarf, or a teddy bear, I want to help you remember your pet forever. I’m Aaron. I’m a dog lover and an experienced handspinner and knitter. I’d love to connect you with a custom keepsake made from your pet’s fur.

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Many people aren’t aware yarn can be made from their dog’s hair. Those in the know call it “chiengora”: chien being French for dog, and gora is because the yarn created is so light and airy it can be compared to angora.

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Our Process

It is not a simple process to take the fur off a dog and make it into yarn. Let us ease some of your curiosity about what steps are required.

The washing process for a pet’s hair is quite simple compared to a fleece, as most dogs are kept reasonably clean compared to a sheep. It is immersed in hot soapy water for a short period before being transferred to a rinse basin where the soap is removed. This process is repeated until the rinse water is clear, and then the water is gently pressed out.


Once the excess water is pressed out of the hair with towels, there is not much to do but wait. The hair is spread out onto dry towels on a drying rack to allow for maximum airflow.


When the hair is dry, I will either card or comb it to prepare it for spinning. If blending is required, I will add in the other fibres during this step.


The prepared fibres are turned into yarn on a spinning wheel. These strands will usually then be plied with others to create a stronger, thicker yarn. This finished yarn is set and wound into a skein.


Whatever it is we’ve decided to make, this is the step where it finally gets made. The finished yarn is knitted with either a flat or circular knitting machine and then finished by hand.


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